New Juejiang Shopping Area



Innovative management and independent shops find a home at Kaohsiung's New Juejiang shopping area.

Learning from the past success of the "Old Juejiang" shopping area, the New Juejiang shopping area is centered on a popular consumer magnet—the Datong Department Store at the intersection of Wufu 2nd Road and Renzhi Street. It is also right next to the Mercuries Department Store and the Oscar Cinema on Lane 167 of Wenheng 2nd Road. New Juejiang has also learned a lesson from its predecessor's downfall, replacing the latter's traditional business style with a new management approach.

Young people, new fashion, recreation, shopping and dining all collide at New Juejiang, which is rapidly sucking in new businesses to become Kaohsiung's biggest shopping destination. Cinemas, trendy clothes, jewelry, watches, cosmetics, and beauty salons mingle with cafes, American and Japanese fast food restaurants, and all types of stalls to provide a something for everyone. New Juejiang is the place to go in southern Taiwan for imported goods and chic attire, much of it arriving in step with debuts in the fashion capitals of the world.

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Nat'l Hwy 1 Kaohsiung Interchange (Take the exit toward Zhongzheng Rd.) Zhongzheng 1st Rd. Wufu 1st Rd. Wufu 2nd Rd. New Juejiang Shopping Area


1. From Taipei International Airport fly to Kaohsiung on Mandarin Airlines. 
2. From Hualien Airport fly to Kaohsiung on Mandarin Airlines. 

Kaohsiung International Airport

1. Take the THSR to Zuoying Station, continue by MRT to Central Park Station.
2. Take the train to Kaohsiung Railway Station, continue by MRT to Central Park Station.



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